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The American Chinese

The journal of the American Chinese is Chinese in the United States
Chamber of commerce's newspaper media, is the United States
One of the most influential Chinese newspaper, in
Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, old
Jinshan in major cities such as distribution, it is beautiful
One of the biggest Chinese business newspaper

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Chapter twelve big industry

Tax law branch; Social clubs
The news media branch; Branch of industrial and commercial trade
House property branch; Food catering branch
Financial insurance branch; Health care branch
Culture and education branch; Tourist traffic branch
International exchange branch; Human resources branch

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Chamber of commerce in the international union for the

Joint global some Chinese chamber of commerce by the United States
Prominent business leaders
『The chamber of commerce international peak BBS" 』
The palm hotel success in the industrial city
Ended, "the chamber of commerce international alliance" also
Announced formally established.

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International brand certification committee

The international brand survey certification committee
Is approval of the administration of non-profit organizations
Objective in order to standardize the brand market in the United States
Provide good production to American consumers
Product service excellent brand, let consumers
Have an objective and comprehensive knowledge of the brand

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Outstanding entrepreneur
Chamber of commerce recommended project

Chamber of commerce international peak BBS

Thinking to develop the Chinese chamber of commerce's top leaders, absorb advanced international chamber of commerce mode of operation and management Test and improve its guidance and the management ability of the chamber of commerce, the Chinese American chamber of commerce in the solstice, on December 16, 2014 In Los Angeles on December 24, "the first chamber of commerce international peak BBS" activities, with the Chinese economy Developed areas of 100 excellent chamber of commerce (including vice President, secretary general), and the United States, Thailand, France, Canada and other countries of the 50 chamber of commerce to discuss, improve the cohesive force and the tube chamber of commerce Level of management, better play to the chamber of commerce in the leadership of the global economic integration.

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Tengchong of yunnan style tourism holiday in the United States

The Chinese American chamber of commerce Chen Jinjie to baoshan city built tourism degree of false city project. Teng Chen Jinjie field trips After blunt county north township Yang's depression, said very pleased with Yang's depression of geographical environment, think that this is his dream to build The tourist resort. A few days ago, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Wu Song Chen Jinjie and signed a "construction of tengchong The United States (holiday) city project intention agreement. It is understood that tengchong city project plans to invest $600 million in the United States, is Set home leisure, commercial shopping, leisure as one of the international tourism resort city of amorous feelings.

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Big U.S. industrial park, Los Angeles

The United States is the world's most developed countries, is the world's largest market, due to factors such as economic depression Ring, the United States for the first time since the 911 incident opened the door to the world, so Chinese enterprises to grasp Live a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to boldly into the U.S. market, set up their own production in the United States Base is very necessary, also is very feasible. Assemble the Fang Li for us Chinese chamber of commerce Greater Los Angeles area in the United States, quantity, purchase of 3000 mu of land to build "China's industrial park", hope to be able to Nesting on a enough, attracting 100 vibrant manufacturing enterprises in China will set up in the United States, the terminal production in the United States The means of development, make Chinese enterprises and brand really take root in the us.

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The international brand survey certification committee

The international brand survey certification commission is approved by the U.S. government established a nonprofit organization. Its purpose is to standardize the brand market in the United States, Carry forward for the consumers to provide excellent products and service excellent brand, to curb a misfit, exaggerated, mislead consumers inferior brand, The brand has let us consumers to use an objective and comprehensive understanding. In order to let the Chinese consumers truly understand China's export products brand in the United States The present situation of the countries, China excellent export enterprise "by the international platform, based on the Chinese market to do things" to provide an authoritative basis, improve the enterprise product Public trust, the international brand survey certification committee will unite Chinese people in the United States chamber of commerce in line with fair, objective and fair, with the data Speak the principle of management, sales and service in the United States to brand, and investigate the certification issued by the notary office, the related administration Government departments to recognize brand certification and for the record.

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If you have to the United States have overseas strategic development needs, business requirements or other related cooperation, please send the information to the chamber of commerce Telephone contact or call chamber of commerce in China and the United States

The leading members of the Chinese chamber of commerce (e.g., President, vice President and secretary general, directors, etc.) are in the chamber of commerce website information query, such as not received certification on the site are phony, hope each member beware deceived.

Approved by the California state special, Chinese American Chamber of Commerce English name by ACBA formally changed its name to US. The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as UCCC). The original emblem, seal letter envelopes to stop using. .

The name of the Chinese chamber of commerce issued all of the files without President Chen Jinjie (Jack Chen) I direct signature or designated authorized person signature agree, does not have legal effectiveness .

important special news

Join the Chinese chamber of commerce or related business cooperation

If you want to become members of the Chinese American chamber of commerce, director or higher management, you can click the button again and submit information online, our staff will contact you the first time. Hope to cooperate with us if you have other related activities (such as project development, planning to undertake overseas activities, consulting, overseas mergers and acquisitions, overseas brand promotion, etc.), please call our chamber of commerce in each big offices, sincerely welcome your calls.


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